Roy’s Blog: “Where Do You Stand?”

Amos 3:7 “Surely the Lord does nothing unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.”

Everything God will do He has already done. God has given us a picture of our future in the “seven-day” week. The Bible says in 2 Peter 3:8, “But beloved do not forget this one thing, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day.”

The Lord told Adam, “In the day that you eat from it [the tree of knowledge of good and evil] you will surely die.” Genesis 2:17. Remember, with the Lord a thousand years is as a day and a day a thousand years. Adam lived 930 years and then he died on the same day he ate of it (within that thousand-year period…one day). Genesis 5:5

The “seventh day” is the Sabbath. “On the seventh day, He rested from all His work.” The “Seventh Day” is the coming thousand-year reign of the Lord. (Revelation 20:6) Every passing week shows us what we need to know about our future.

As we are nearing the end of the sixth day (six thousand years) in God’s timetable, where do you stand?

Roy’s Blog: “The Paved Road”

Revelation 13:7 (NIV) “It was given power to wage war against God’s holy people and to conquer them. And it was given authority over every tribe, people, language, and nation.”

Things are coming together at a velocity we’ve not seen any time before. Current events are all pointing to the “Global Reset” and to the “day of the antichrist and his worldwide empire”. “Global Elites” (and there are many) from around the world are intently focused on wanting to “change the world” into what they want it to be.

  • First, by using the COVID-19 pandemic as a rallying cry for those pushing for the “reset” and using a global crisis involving nearly every nation. They found new ways to place controls over the population.
  • Second, is using “climate change” (the old global warming didn’t work) to have further control with new laws they created, and every nation under the sun will be mandated to follow these “international guidelines” or face worldwide sanctions on their country. They will control what energy you are allowed and will use “carbon credits” that will affect every part of your life.
  • Third, monetary controls will be placed on all citizens of the world through their respective financial institutions and electronic banking systems. (There go all the 401ks and savings into the ether.)

Make no mistake. The road to the “New World Order” of the antichrist is being paved today!

Do you know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior? It is the only way to escape the coming storm.

Roy’s Blog: “Time Is Winding Down”

2 Timothy 3:1 (NKJV) “But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come.”

I am fascinated by how Bible prophecy is being fulfilled with every passing day. Let’s face it, just like the air we breathe, the apocalypse is everywhere around us. It’s as though the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” are out of the barn and running wild across the globe.

But, Praise the Lord, they can’t make their global appearance until the church is taken away, Raptured! As time is winding down, we can see how close we are to being whisked away. What a glorious time that will be for every follower of Jesus Christ! Home…for eternity.

This year, 2022, we can already see these things:

  • Formation of the coming “New World Order” through the United Nations and the guidance of the World Monetary Fund. Without firing a single shot, they have gained the allegiance of most world leaders to reshape the world according to their agenda. The players are in place for when the church is gone.
  • We can see our world filled with multitudes of people “without natural affection” and “despisers of those that are good” (2 Timothy 3:3). This happens to the final generation. Who could imagine today’s society celebrating the “trans” movement, homosexual “marriage”, and the wanton slaughtering of the unborn? There is no “natural” affection. And no love for the Word of God.

The stage is set and time is winding down.

Roy’s Blog: “A Palestinian State”

Zechariah 12:9 (NIV) “On that day I will set out to destroy all the nations that attack Jerusalem.”

The once sure veto in the United Nations Security Council to stop the recognition of the Palestinian State is nearing its downfall. President Mahmoud Abbas will demand the full membership of the State of Palestine into the United Nations and the preservation of the two-state solution along the 1967 borders and East Jerusalem as their capital.

The political and diplomatic process is being carried out with the heads of state, United States President Joe Biden, French President Emmanuel Macron, King of Jordan Abdullah II, and members of the UN Security Council in order to demand full membership for the State of Palestine. PA (Palestinian Authority) Prime Minister Shtayyeh also called on Congress to “recognize the State of Palestine as a means to express the United States belief in a two-state solution.”

The Palestinian leadership has been trying for many years to gain recognition as a state. They are trying to use the United Nations to force their cause. This will go through the UN before the mid-term elections in the US and elections in Israel!

And…”On that day I will set out to destroy all nations that attack Jerusalem.”

Roy’s Blog: “The Crown of Righteousness”

I Timothy 4:7-8 (NASB) “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith. In the future, there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness…also to all who have loved His appearing.”

The signs of the times are screaming at us, but what I see is the masses YAWNING! They are indifferent to what is to come. The nations of our world don’t have a “global leader” at the moment, but one is going to rise…soon.

The heavens today are screaming at the church of Jesus Christ to wake up and be ready! The Redeemer is coming and the Rapture will take place where all believers will be transformed and leave this world before the Tribulation.

Yes, the United States is in a mess. What was once a beacon of righteousness to the world is now broken and a shell of what it once was. Its missing leadership is causing us to fall into darkness and we’re taking the rest of the world with us. We are no longer a God-fearing nation and our demise is heartbreaking.

The place to watch now is the Middle East and Europe. From the chaos, a man unknown to the masses is rising in prominence in Europe and is supported by the WEF (World Economic Forum). From the coming war in Israel brought on by Gog and its coalition, this man of “peace and security” will rise with “delusional wonders”.

The question becomes: Have you fought the good fight? Stayed until the end? Kept the faith? Does the “crown of righteousness” await you?

Roy’s Blog: “The Coming Prince”

Daniel 9:27a (NASB) “And he will make a firm covenant with the many for one week [7 years]…”

As believers in Jesus Christ, we should not be looking for the antichrist. We should be watching, waiting…yearning for the return of Jesus Christ. But with what we see going on prophetically in our world, many good, decent people are lost and in need of acknowledging and following Jesus Christ very soon, or they will come face to face with the antichrist. The world is fast preparing for him to step out on the world stage.

Remember, he is going to “confirm” a “peace” agreement with Israel that will start the seven years of Jacob’s Trouble (the Tribulation). And…I believe will lead to the building of the “Third Temple”. The people of the world will be under a delusion like no other time in history. They will follow the leadership of this Satanic false “Messiah”. He will come out of the area of the old Roman Empire and will come out of obscurity into a prominence never seen before. He will ultimately fulfill Satan’s dream of the people (God’s creation) worshipping him.

When? Soon after God defeats the armies of Gog that come against Israel from the North. (Look up where the armies of Russia, Turkey, and Iran are stationed at this very moment.)

Why is it so important to come to Jesus as Lord and Savior now? If we are close to the Tribulation, the Rapture of the church could be at any moment. And if you are not ready…it will be too late!

Roy’s Blog: “Weak Foundation”

Psalms 11:3 (NASB) “If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart…”

I don’t know which world leader will blink first, but I can tell you no matter which way you look, everyone is on edge. Whether it be Russia, Turkey, or Iran in the Middle East, or Chin in Asia, I know something is going to happen. Why? Because they all have dreams and aspirations of expanding and enriching their nations. They see the United States as being very weak internally.

I’ve said during all of my ministry that according to the Bible, the United States will not be a world-dominating superpower during the Tribulation (Jacob’s Trouble). Today we are seeing the foundations of America being weakened. Some even call for doing away with our Constitution, the very backbone of our country!

It’s not that we as Americans have not faced other crises in past generations, but the core of America was different and much stronger. Their faith, their sense of family, and their values were stronger. It held them together through tough times. Now, our society is weak, the foundation is crumbling. Name one area where our foundation is still strong. Faith? Moral values? Laws? I see very little. This is just another indication of how near the Rapture is. Are you ready?

Roy’s Blog: “Salvation Is Near!”

Luke 21:28 (NLT) “So when all these things begin to happen, stand and look up, for your salvation is near!”

I’ve heard many people claim the things we are seeing today are not very important, just a bump in the road. Everything from the pre-dawn FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s home in Mar-A-Lago (something that had never been done before and should not have been done) to Moscow informing Washington of its “temporary withdrawal” from the 1994 START Treaty (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty). This means Russia will remain without control over its nuclear actions and will allow them to use tactical nuclear weapons on Ukraine. And that would be tragic!

Also, all eyes are back on China and Taiwan. The world is quiet while Taiwan is blocked from all sides! China is continuing “war games” that were supposed to be over. The United States has been warned not to interfere and we haven’t, even though we have strong business ties with Taiwan.

On another front, while the ceasefire between Israel and the Islamic Jihad is in effect, it’s important to note these amazing things:

  • The Islamic Jihad didn’t get any help from Hamas, Hezbollah, or the Houthis.
  • The Sunni Arab countries stayed quiet and none cut ties with Israel.
  • The western world stood by the side of Israel, the United States and the United Kingdom in particular.
  • Russia, Turkey, and Iran condemned Israel for their attack.

These things are important. They are all a warm-up for what will take place according to Ezekiel 38-39.

The coming of the Lord is near. It could happen at any moment. Are you READY?

Roy’s Blog: “The Bull”

Judges 3:7 “The sons of Israel did what was evil in the sight of the Lord and forgot the Lord their God and served the Baals and the Ashteroth.”

The 2022 Commonwealth Games opening ceremony took place at Alexander Stadium on July 28th. The stadium was at full capacity, and over a billion people tuned in to watch the opening of the games in Birmingham, England.

During the opening ceremony, a giant mechanical bull with glowing eyes was rolled out into the center of the Alexander Stadium. The bull was over 32 feet high and given the nickname “Raging Bull”. To calm the “creature” all human performers gathered around the giant bull and literally began to bow down and worship it.

The symbolism is unmistakable, but the vast majority didn’t see the message. The bull has always been a symbol of an ancient deity from the Middle East known as “Baal”. If we could go back thousands of years and roll out a giant bull with glowing eyes for the people of the Middle East, they would instantly understand what was going on–worship of Baal. The Bull!

The world is being prepared, conditioned, to worship the “image of the Beast”. (Revelation 13:15) The world is in a sad state.

Roy’s Blog: “Tears and Bomb Shelters”

Jeremiah 31:9 (NLT) “Tears of joy will stream down their faces, and I will lead them home with great care…”

On Sunday afternoon, I watched as thousands of Jews prayed and sang at the Western Wall in Jerusalem ending a day of fasting over the 9th of Av which commemorates the destruction of both the first and second Temples. At the same time from Gaza, 935 rockets were fired toward Israel. From Tel Aviv south through Ashdod and other cities and communities in southern Israel, many people were spending their time in bomb shelters.

Everything we are seeing is a warm-up act for what is coming as the coalition of nations comes against Israel from the north. The people of Israel will fill their bomb shelters and cry out to God for help and, against all odds, with the defeat of Israel within their grasp, God will intervene and turn Israel’s certain destruction into victory by God Almighty.

This time, instead of tears of sorrow over the destruction of the first and second Temples, there will be tears of joy at the coming of a Third Temple. And it will not be long!