Retirement at 6 weeks

It’s been six weeks, and yes, I still love retirement. The question is do we really retire?

I am working on my next book the sequel to Run or Die. I have written two children’s

stories that I need to get illustrated. I’m making jewelry to sell (because I like jewelry) so

it’s not really a job. Is this retirement? Please don’t retire and think life is over. There are

so many things to do, and they don’t have to cost you anything other than a little of your


Start a blog.

Volunteer. There are many places that need help, especially at Christmas.

Learn a new craft or skill. Check online, many how-to videos are free.

If you have a skill, start an online class of your own.

Get more involved in your church or your community.

These things help to keep your mind and body active. Active mind+ active body= longer,

healthier life.

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