Roy’s Blog: “Peace and Safety” continued

Peace and safety, yet, these days wrong is considered right and right is considered wrong. Confusion and deception abound.

Israel is a miracle. Over seventy years of miraculous surprise after surprise. Israel has become a financial, military, and innovative regional superpower in seventy years against all odds.

Israel announces new desalination plants to alleviate the current multi-year drought. The people of Israel will have fresh water to drink and grow crops. They plan to fill the Sea of Galilee in two years. That is amazing.

Israel has shared the desalination technology with Iran, their enemy. The people of Iran are suffering…starving. The prognosis for Iran : if the drought continues and without a new source of water in the next very few years, the country of Iran will not be able to sustain half of their current population.

Israel’s capital, the second most visited capital in the world, led only by the U.S.


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