Roy’s Blog: “Peace and Safety” Iran/Persia

Thank the Lord! We are not in darkness that the Lord would overtake us ‘like a thief’.

Iran: The home of Esther, King Cyrus, and King Darius is still in the news. Today after 2500 years Iran is still in the middle of Bible prophesy.

Iran, formerly known as Persia, has seen its share of chaos, but today it’s being pressured  by internal strife, economic, and financial uncertainty. Islamic eschatology is driving Iran toward Israel to alleviate their problems.

The days of Ezekiel (Ezekiel 30:3 NASB), are here. I can see the footsteps of prophecy.

The financial spoils in Syria are not working out. The nuclear deal with the United States is dead. But, Israel’s economic and financial might is growing. They are now a regional super-power (the size of New Jersey) with a population of eight million people.

The Lord has done wonderful things for Israel. This generation has seen so many miraculous blessings.

The calm before the storm.

*Definition:  Eschatology. A branch of Christian theology concerned with the biblical study of end time trophies and events of the last days.

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