Roy’s Blog: Turbulent Times

I Timothy 3:1,7  “In the last days difficult times will come. They will be always learning yet never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”

These are the last days. The Lord is coming soon, but the masses live their lives as though this is not an issue–it’s not important. There seems to be little common sense today. The signs are remarkable, and most people don’t see them.

Israel is a nation again, recognized by the nations of the world in 1948. The Unites States declares Jerusalem as the capital of Israel May 14, 2018 (seventy years in between the two events).

Agreements are taking place between Sunni Muslim nations, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan,  and Israel. This was unimaginable until now. Preachers and pastors, even in the last part of the 20th century, taught of what was to come. It is happening in our generation. Many preachers and pastors today are preaching current events straight out of the Bible.

The masses can’t discern the signs of the times. Matthew 16: 1-4

We are living in turbulent times…birth pains.


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