Roy’s Blog: “Tisha B’Av

“Let no one deceive you…the antichrist will take his seat in the third temple”  II Thessalonians 3:4

The ninth day of the Jewish month of Av–a day of fasting and mourning in which tradition has it the temples in Jerusalem were destroyed. Tisha B’Av falls on July 22 this year (on our calendar). This is a miraculous time.

The Jewish people pray for Tisha B’Av to be a day of happiness and the temple to be rebuilt. The Temple Mount faithful make no excuses for their goal of laying the cornerstone of the third temple.

Everything is ready. According to one article, the Temple Institute has all the priestly garments and sacred vessels ready for the new temple. The people are back in the land, and Jerusalem in considered the capital of Israel. The third temple is on the agenda.

Every day there are amazing end time signs, yet, there is amazing blindness to the times we live in. We should be alert as we see the day approaching.

This is an exciting time, don’t miss it for the world!

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