Roy’s Blog: “The Greatest Thing”

I John 3:11  “Love one another.”

The thing that touches our heart more than anything else is love. It’s not material gain or influence–it is love. We have a record number of relationships failing for the lack of love.

Love is not all the material things we spend so much of our time in pursuit of. It is not the fancy house, the new car, or the big vacation. It is the God-given ability to care for someone  despite all their faults and funny ways. It is a choice. You choose to put love first. You may not like or agree with everything a person does or says, but you love them anyway–just like God loves us. Even in our bad moods or our crazy days, He loves us. He never leaves us. We do the moving away. If you’ve wandered away from your love of God, or a special someone in your life, turn back to them and make the choice to love.

Love is patient. Love is kind and gentle. Love is long suffering. Love is a God focused choice that endures all things.

Love is the greatest thing.

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