Roy’s Blog: “Hot Bed”

Revelation 1:3 “The time is near…”

The United States is feverishly preparing a Mideast Peace Plan, while tension between Sunni and Shiite Muslims increases every day.

The economic and political strife throughout the Middle East is swelling with the oil and gas discoveries being made in the Mediterranean Sea and Golan Heights area by Israel.

Sanctions by the United States and some other countries have heightened the turmoil and strife amongst the Iranian people. Drought and internal chaos is causing rebellion of many of the people against their own government who refuses to back down from their nuclear intentions.

The religious fervor and dark ambitions of these nations leaders are propelling us toward Armageddon. Armageddon (Har Megiddo): Revelation 16:16 “And they assembled them at the place in Hebrew called Armageddon.”

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