Roy’s Blog: “At the Edge”

Numbers 13:31 “We are not able to go up against the people, for they are too strong for us.”

God miraculously rescued the Israelites from Egyptian bondage, parted the Red Sea, and led them through the desert to Mount Sinai. He gave them His law that was to govern their nation. From there He led them across the wilderness until they arrived at the edge of the promised land.

Moses was told to select twelve leaders, one from each of the tribes, to spy out the land and return with a report. The spies came back with samples of the fruit and bounty from the land. They could see that God had chosen not a harsh wasteland, but a land lush and green and filled with wonderful things.

But, the cities were large and fortified and the people there were strong. The spies even reported seeing giants in the land (sons of Anak). Only two of the men gave a good report. Ten of the spies gave a bad report by saying, “We are not able to go against the people. They are too strong for us.”

Instead of remembering God’s promise, they focused on the situation. Everything they longed for was right in front of them but, because they wouldn’t obey the Lord, they spent forty years wandering in the wilderness.

Even when we are afraid, when our problems seem too big for us obedience to God will guide us to His blessings.



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