Roy’s Blog: “The Day After”

1 Thessalonians 4:17 “We will be caught up…to meet the Lord in the air.”

The day after 9/11/2001 was filled with uncertainty and fear. Commercial and private aircraft were grounded. Many stores were closed, as well as banks and schools. Wall Street was shut down to avoid a crash. Gas stations were soon out of gas and many others were closed. People were glued to their TV’s and radios, hungry for news–for reassurance that it was not a full-scale attack.

Many good people plunged in to help. Pints of blood were donated for those victims that survived. Sadly more blood was donated than survivors found.

Sporting events were canceled and entertainment centers closed. The government was locking down all unnecessary activity.

9-11 changed everything.

The day after the Rapture of the church will be filled with unimaginable chaos for those that are left. There will be rioting of unattended stores, homes, and banks. Planes, cars, and trains will have crashed, crippling traffic. Stores shelves will empty with no way to restock. Fear and anger will take control of many. Will life go on? Yes. The chaotic mess will be cleared and life will go on–for a time. But it won’t be the same.

The Rapture will change everything.

For the church, the Bride of Christ, the day after the Rapture will be filled with unimaginable joy.

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