Roy’s Blog: “Weather”

Matthew 16:3 “Do you know how to discern the appearance of the sky, but cannot discern the signs of the times?”

Media stations always make sure the weather is broadcast at the most opportune time. Cell phone apps are a must for keeping up with what’s going on, including the weather.

Every year the forecast for a hot summer or colder than normal winter is debated during gatherings at work, at home, or at church. The signs are debated. How many acorns this year? Is that squirrel fat enough? What does the almanac say? How about the weather channel? What do they predict? People are tuned in to the signs of the coming weather.

It seems very few are as tuned in to the signs of the end times, even though these are clearly laid out in God’s word. They are not just predictions. They are facts, so that we “won’t be unaware” of the eminent coming of Jesus Christ. We can be prepared.

Nations are in turmoil, pushing world events that are clearly outlined in God’s word. Read and be prepared. Pray for others to get prepared.

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