Roy’s Blog: “Our Shelter”

Psalm 119:114  “You are my refuge and my shield.”

Every day it seems we are confronted with one terrible tragedy after another. We turn on the TV, radio, or scroll down the news feed on our phones and there it is–another person destroyed by unproven accusations, another tragic accident, or another terrible humanitarian crisis.

No matter where we go or what we do, we face storms. A couple of weeks ago the east coast suffered a massive storm surge. This week the panhandle of Florida is hit with a devastating hurricane. Indonesia was hit with an earthquake, followed by a tsunami, then, to top it off, a volcano decided to erupt.

There will be another accident, hurricane, crisis, or storm. We live in a fallen world. Bad times may come, but in Christ, we have a shelter.

Praise God for He is our shelter.

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