Roy’s Blog: “This Election is a Big Deal”

Matthew 5:16 “Let your light shine before men…glorify your Father who is in heaven.”

This election is extremely important. We have hate groups attacking the fabric of our nation to an extent I have never seen before. Free speech is being buried under politically correct speech. Freedom of religion is only free if it espouses the cultural indoctrination of a lewd society. The group “Freedom From Religion” is trying to ban any Christian influence in our country. Other religions are not targeted in the same manner.

Hate for our nation, our society, our way of government, and our history is being indoctrinated into our children from kindergarten to the college level by liberal, socialist teachers who have been indoctrinated with this same ideology. Most of our colleges are now rife with this socialist agenda. There are good teachers out there, but they have been silenced when it comes to any Godly influence on children from fear of losing their jobs (their ability to provide for their families).

God has been removed from the very heart of our country. The love of God is covered up by the cloud of rejection of the truth.

This election is a big deal.


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