Roy’s Blog: “The Goal”

Because men have rejected the truth, God will send them a “deluding influence so that they will believe what is false.” 2 Thessalonians 2:11

It has been said, “Things are not falling apart. They are falling into place.”

The United Nations has plans for a one world government by 2030. It has been said in the U.N. that the only thing holding back world globalism is a free, strong America. The globalists say, as announced by France’s president Macron, “Nationalism is the opposite of patriotism.” The globalist goal is to destabilize America, to weaken our identity as a nation.

This definition from, “Patriotism generally is defined as the love and devotion to one’s country and its ideals. A strong belief in nationalism, which is a devotion to the national interests of a country, often is included in the definition of patriotism. Patriotism also refers to a sense of unity among a country’s inhabitants and a firm will to be and remain a sovereign government,” states it pretty well.

Immigrant caravans, global warming/climate change reports, and fake news are all tools of the globalists, setting the stage for ‘the man of sin’.

Jesus said, “When you see these things, look up, your redemption is near.” Luke 21:28



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