Roy’s Blog: “Sealed”

Daniel 12:4 Daniel was told to seal up the book “until the end of time; many will go back and forth and knowledge will increase.”

More and more we run back and forth trying to get things done. Even with all the modern conveniences, we are busier than ever and seem to get nowhere.

Daniel was told to write things down that would come about in the future. Because the things he wrote would be too hard for the people to understand, he was told to keep them secret–seal them up until the end times.

People would be running to and fro searching for answers much like today. But in the end times their knowledge would increase. They would be able to understand what the words in the book meant. Knowledge would have increased to the point they could understand the prophetic message give so long ago.

We run back and forth today seeming to get nowhere, but knowledge is increasing at an astounding rate, doubling every year and soon will be doubling every twelve hours. That’s hard to believe since we sometimes think we know everything there is to know. But there are areas that we haven’t even touched yet. Our understanding of this knowledge is gaining as well. Bible scholars are able to apply many of the prophecies to today that they couldn’t understand just a decade ago.

Daniel’s book was to be sealed until the end times when, even though those that are wicked will continue their wickedness, the wise will understand the prophesy and be ready.

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