Roy’s Blog: “The Old Time Church”

Acts 4:32 “The congregation of those who believed were of one heart and soul…”

I remember the old-time church in rural East Texas. Almost without exception, those old-time churches had a pot-bellied stove for heat, and in many of them it was right in the middle of the auditorium so everyone could get the benefit from it. Later on, they converted to butane. That was a big step up. In the winter everyone stayed bunched up in the middle to keep warm. Then, in the summer time you could spread out. You wanted to be near a window so you could catch any breeze flowing through and to supplement, you used a funeral fan. The fan was also good to keep wasps away because most churches didn’t have screens over the windows. You could never get comfortable on those old hard wooden pews that pinched you or gave you a splinter if you moved.

And yet, it never seemed to me that it was a burden to go to church. It was life. I always considered it a joy to gather with friends and family. To sing the old gospel songs and praise the God who saved us.

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