Roy’s Blog: “What If You’re Wrong?”

Revelation 1:7 “Behold He is coming.”

There are many things in my average day that just don’t matter. From the color of the shirt or pants I wear to what I eat for breakfast, they don’t matter. They don’t transform my day into a perfect day. There is coming a day that will transform everything. What if Jesus came today?

You say you are an atheist. You don’t believe the existence of any gods or the one true God. Or maybe you say you are an agnostic. You don’t believe there is evidence or the possibility of finding evidence that God exists. Okay. But what if you are wrong?

I know God exists. I see the evidence in every corner of life. I have hope in looking forward to Jesus’s coming and live my life accordingly. He has given me a full and abundant life filled with joy. If I am wrong, I have lost nothing.

What if you are wrong? What if everything the Bible says is true? That a day of judgement is coming. Where will you stand? Excuses for your unbelief? A desire to make things right when you see how wrong you were?

Sadly, it will be too late. This life is fleeting, lasting only a few years. Eternity is forever. Don’t miss eternity for the world.

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