Roy’s Blog: “Never Give Up”

Matthew 19:26 “…With God all things are possible.”

I try to walk at least a mile or more four to five times a week. It’s not easy, especially since my second stroke affected my balance. Some days I stagger a bit. But, I keep trying. It would be so easy to give up, many do. Age and health cause many to give up on life, especially after a devastating illness such as a stroke or heart attack. Life is hard, but who said it would be easy. Don’t give up on yourself and don’t give up on God.

I can’t imagine how many day’s Joseph contemplated throwing up his hands and giving in. His brothers sold him into a life of slavery in Egypt. He worked hard in Potiphar’s house and was made “chief of everything Potiphar had”. Had to fend off Potiphar’s wife many times, only to be falsely accused of raping her. He was thrown into prison with the King’s prisoners.

Through workings of the hand of God, Joseph was moved from prisoner to Prime Minister of Egypt.  God used him to save lives in Egypt, his own family, and all of Israel. Joseph never gave up. He looked up.

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