Roy’s Blog: “Tune In Or Miss Out”

Job 12:10 (ESV) “In his hand is the life of every living and the breath of all mankind.”

Everywhere I go people are constantly on their cell phones. Some have walked into poles, some have stepped off into pools, and others have stepped into traffic. I go down the highway in my truck which makes me high enough over cars to see down into them. Many are texting or reading texts. They think they are fine. They’re watching. They don’t realize they’ve crossed into my lane several times. They are deep into FOMAT–fear of missing a text.

I’ve watched young children in restaurants sit (if they don’t have their own phone yet), and they try to get a response from their parent/s to a question they asked. The parent isn’t paying any attention. They’re on the phone.

It’s not just “young people today”. I watched as an older couple sat across the restaurant from me. The woman was talking away about something to her husband. Finally she reached over and slapped him–not really–she grabbed him by the arm to get him to look at her and not down into the cell phone in his hand.

Whether at work, school, or church, you just can’t get people to put down their phones. How easy it is to shape the mind with the social media that flows through a small handheld device. Stop and look around. Life is flowing by, and you aren’t a part of it. Cell phones are great if used wisely, but they are not all of life. Get out and go for a walk. Look at all the trees and flowers. Breathe in the life God has provided. Tune in to what’s going on or miss out on the beauty of all that’s around you.

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