Roy’s Blog: “Are You Kidding Me?”

In Daniel 12:4 (NASB) Daniel was told, “Seal up the book until the end times; many will go back and forth and knowledge will increase.”

Sometimes I hear something so unbelievable, I can’t help but say, “Are you kidding me?” When you mention phones, I still think of the old land lines. Most of them had party lines where two to four households had the same line with each having there own ring sound. One ring was yours, two was the next household, etc. If the line was busy, you had to wait. If it was an emergency, the other people would (most of the time) politely get off and let you call. Now, you have a small computer on your wrist. You call anytime, anywhere even across the ocean.

I just heard that over-all knowledge will double every twelve hours soon. Are you kidding me? With all we know at the moment, how can it double–in just twelve hours? We have a bad habit of thinking we know everything, when we have only scratched the surface of all the knowledge of just earth, much less all of God’s creation. We don’t even know all about our own miraculously engineered bodies.

Advancements in medicine, technology, and space are advancing at increasing rates. It is beyond my ability to comprehend. But this is the exactly the way God told Daniel it would be at the end times.

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