Roy’s Blog: “When It Matters”

Matthew 6:33 “Seek first God’s Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

Many things don’t really matter. Dusting or moving the furniture around doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of life. If I can’t see the dust on top of the refrigerator, does it really exist? Making my bed every morning? Doesn’t really matter.

But, there are so many things that do matter. Things we sometimes forget about. It matter’s about our relationship with the Lord. It matters how (and if) we read His word. It matters how (and if) we pray.

The way I live my life matters. I am a living book for all to see. How I manifest love to others does matter. The way I lift up the name of Jesus matters. My worship and commitment to the Lord does matter. And so does yours. Whether you are a pastor, youth leader, song leader, factory worker, checker at a grocery store, a domestic engineer, or a high school student, if you are a Christian, the way you lead your life matters. It matters to you, to those who see you everyday, and it matters to God.

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