Roy’s Blog: “Deep Waters”

Psalm 22:3 “Sensible people will see trouble coming and avoid it, but an unthinking person will walk right into it and regret it later.”

Some days it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed. We’ve all had those days when everything seems to go wrong. You wake up late and have to hurry and get ready to get to the office. Everything seems to slow you down. A train has blocked the crossing and takes forever to move. Finally you’re on your way again only to have your car indicate you have a flat tire. Sure enough, you new tire is flat.

You spend the next fifteen minutes getting the spare out and jacking the car up. Then you can’t get the tire off. You’re frustrated. You’re going to be late to work (again). Fortunately your friend shows up to help. Everything’s going to be fine. You’ll only be a couple of minutes late. Then your friend happens to mention how glad he is to have the day off for President’s Day. It’s a holiday. Your office is closed! You think, “I could still be in bed!”

You slink home, frustrated and embarrassed. Crawl into bed…and can’t sleep. Life just isn’t fair sometimes. Just remember:  “When you go through deep waters I will be with you.” Isaiah 48:2


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