Roy’s Blog: “The Golan Heights”

I Thessalonians 5:4 “But you brethren are not in darkness, that the day (coming of the Lord) should overtake you like a thief…”

No one knows the exact time of Jesus Christ’s return except the Father in heaven. Even so, He didn’t want His people to be in the dark. He laid out in the Bible all the signs to watch for to know when it’s near. We’ve seen many of these signs in the last few years and some are happening every day now.

President Trump, this week, has recognized the Golan Heights as Israel’s sovereign territory. This is BIG news. Historic news. We have gone from the Golan Heights being Syrian territory to Syrian territory occupied by Israel (since the war in 1967) to President Trump declaring it the “Israel controlled” Golan Heights. Now President Trump has declared it the sovereign territory of Israel.

Recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and now declaring the Golan Heights as sovereign territory of Israel are major news, but you hear little of it on the main stream news outlets.

God has appointed Israel as His timepiece, and the hour is late.

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