Roy’s Blog: “Prophetic Pain”

I Thessalonians 5:3 (NLT) When people are saying “All is well; everything is peaceful and secure, then disaster will fall upon them as suddenly as a woman’s birth pains begin when her child is about to be born. And there will be no escape.”

Prophetically, the world conditions are coming together in amazing ways. Russia, Turkey, and Iran are in Syria right now, building up their military presence. The three countries are in financial troubles and are positioning themselves to take what Israel has built up to heal their ailing economies.

The United States is lining up the official recognition of the Golan Heights as Israel’s sovereign territory. This will add fuel to the fire and drive these nations closer to war against Israel.

Meanwhile, there is record drought in Australia causing a loss of crops. The breadbasket of America is under water because of record flooding. We are seeing an influx of disease in America we’ve not had in many years. Some, we have never seen in our country before.

We are experiencing many prophetic birth pains today.

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