Roy’s Blog: “Remember”

Job 7:7a “Remember that my life is but a breath…”

I remember, long ago, riding my bike everywhere. I played on it, rode it to school, and used it on my paper route. I can’t count the times I rode it to the beach just to watch the waves.

At night I could hear the sound of the surf through my open window. I remember every day seemed like an adventure, whether I was playing or running my paper route. They were long ago days, but I can  remember them like it was yesterday.

God brings about good memories to help us feel connected, give us a base to stand on. He will also bring memories that convict us and remind us of who we are and who He is.

Those times have flown by, but the time I need to remember the most is now, today, and to focus on pleasing God with every day I have left.


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