Roy’s Blog: “The Goal”

Matthew 24:15 “Therefore, when you see the abomination of desolation…” (be ready)

See (Daniel 9:27)

The third temple will be built in Jerusalem before the middle of the tribulation. That is a fact. For two thousand years the Jewish people have looked forward to a new temple. They have mourned over the second temple’s destruction in 70 AD and are planning the third temple.

For the first time ever an Israeli politician has openly declared, “It is time for a third temple.” Not in one or two years but right now.

This is the goal of the State of Israel-to bring about the fulfillment of their dream of a third temple. First, you have to be in control of the land where the temple is to be built.

This tiny nation is the focus of the entire world, and the excitement over the Golan Heights, the annexation of part of the West Bank, and the plans of the the third temple by Israel is moving the time closer to the rapture.

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