Roy’s Blog: “God’s Promises”

Deuteronomy 7:9b “He is the faithful God who keeps His covenant for a thousand generations.”

Have you ever made a promise to God? Maybe you were in some trouble and no help was available. You called on God and promised, “God, if you just get me out of this I’ll (a) never do it again, (b) I’ll be in church every Sunday, or (c) I’ll be a better person from now on. How did it go? Did you keep that promise like you said?

God keeps His promises. He has kept His promise (covenant) with Israel, just as He said. He would be their God, and they would be His people. Though they have strayed at times, God has never strayed from His promises. He promised He would bring them back from the far corners of the earth, back into their promised land.

I believe the establishment of State of Israel is one of the greatest accomplishments of all time. It is a miracle even greater than Israel’s exodus from Egypt in the days of Moses.

The modern nation of Israel is now 71 years old. Soon the “Deal of the Century” will be rolled out, moving “end-time” events nearer to the coming of the Lord. God has kept His promises to Israel. He will also keep His promises to us.

He promised He would come again and He will. He promised that where He is, there we will be. His promises are faithful and true.

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