Roy’s Blog: “When?”

Zechariah 14:1 “Watch for the day of the Lord is coming…”

Anyone who has traveled with children has heard these words many times: Where are we? How much farther? What time is it? When are we going to get there?

I can imagine the children in the wilderness traveling around and around through the desert of Moab with their parents, asking the same questions, especially when. God had His plan and purpose for that generation that was not yet fulfilled. It’s hard to know that something is near and be told, “Not yet.” We are all so impatient.

It’s hard to imagine how excited the people must have been when Joshua commanded the officers of the people, “Prepare the people. In three days you are going to cross the Jordan to go in and possess the land.”

So it is with us today. We look around at the signs. We know the time must be near, but–not yet. God has a purpose, a plan, and a time. It’s in His time.


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