Roy’s Blog: “Hot Spot”

Daniel 9:27 “He will make a firm covenant with the many for one week…”

Israel is in the midst of a heat wave right now. But, that is not the only thing heating up. The Palestinian Authority has formally rejected a United States-led peace conference in Bahrain set for next month. Israeli security agencies say the PA has only two to three months to go before the process of economic collapse begins, given the condition of their economy. They refuse to participate in the conference, while many Arab countries are looking forward to ending the conflict using the current plans as a foundation for a new plan.

Meanwhile: A part of the plan is for Israel to annex the Jewish settlements within the West Bank, and prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state. The “Plan of the Century”, as it is called, is not occurring in a vacuum. Tensions are heating up all around the area, but Jerusalem is the key that continues to pull forces toward a fulfillment of end-time events.

These are current events we simply cannot ignore. They affect the entire world.

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