Roy’s Blog: “Is A Global Food Crisis Coming?”

Revelation 6:5 “I looked, and behold a black horse; and he who sat on it had a pair of scales in his hand.”

Many things are happening now that are early signs of the coming Tribulation. Nothing looks more devastating that the coming food shortages. A million calves have been lost to flooding in Nebraska alone. Farmers throughout the Midwest have been unable to plant corn, while farmers across the U.S. are struggling to get their crops planted because the soil is too wet and the temperatures have been too cool.

It’s not just in the United States. Australia is being forced to import wheat because of extreme drought, while normally she exports a tremendous volume of it. Also, it is reported that there are crop failures in Italy, France, Mexico, and Argentina. One major crop failure is rice, because of drought in the Philippines and other Asian countries.

China is suffering from a devastating swine fever, killing millions of pigs. These things are happening, yet the main stream news seldom mentions any of it.

We may see empty shelves in our stores in the near future. Some items will be more expensive or just not available. You may have heard someone say about something going on, “Oh, it’s just a sign of the times.” Yes, it is a sign of the times, and we need to pay attention to these signs. Get your life right, now, before that hour is here and it’s too late.

Revelation 6:6a “And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, ‘A measure of wheat for a penny, and a measure of barley for a penny…'”

(Penny= a days wages)

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