Roy’s Blog: “It’s A Bummer”

Acts 1:8 “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you…”

Being without power is a “bummer”. With so many storms lately the power has been out a lot. If it goes out in the winter, you pull all the blankets out of the closet and pile them on you, trying to keep warm. In the summer it’s a different story. You pull as many clothes off as decently possible and hope your food in the freezer and refrigerator doesn’t spoil. If you are lucky enough to still have water, you take an extra shower just to get cool and get the sweat off. Lack of power is bad either way.

But, the worst power shortage you can have is the lack of power in peoples lives. Jesus promised us power, and in Christ we can have that amazing power. Paul said he wanted to know Him and the power He gives us. In Christ, their is no shortage of power, just lack of access by the people. Access the power that is in Christ today.

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