Roy’s Blog: “Enough”

Romans 1:22 “Professing to be wise, they became utter fools…”

Times are changing fast. America, the most Christian of nations, is in a death spiral. When it comes to its Christian legacy, it is sliding downhill. The California State Assembly has just passed a resolution that requires pastors and their churches to affirm homosexuality.

No longer can a pastor and his church decide what is right for them, according to the Bible, under this new law.

The proposed resolution also condemns any attempts by pastors or Christian counselors to help change the mindset of a person who wants help or to counsel a child that is confused. What they are asking is that churches and religious groups change how they are addressing this lifestyle. They want it to be considered acceptable. They are trying to make it appear that the church and religious groups are the problem for the moral strife in the homosexual community. They are saying their thinking and their governmental laws are right–and God is wrong.

Pastors have already been removed from churches for speaking out against homosexuality. Where will it end? Will men start coming to your door and demanding to have sex with the men or young boys inside? Genesis 19:4-9 

The unthinkable is happening! It can’t be long before the Lord says, ENOUGH!

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