Roy’s Blog: “Sizzling Hot”

2 Peter 3:10 “The day of the Lord will come like a thief…”

Alaska is in the middle of a record heat wave. It’s hard to imagine how people of Alaska are handling temperatures in the 90’s. France and Australia have had some sizzling hot days also. Many people of Europe are experiencing record heat. It’s kind of funny to think about others getting a dose of Texas weather.

But, the weather isn’t the only thing heating up.

Turkey is drilling for oil off the coast of Cypress, in waters disputed by Greece and others. Iran tried to seize an English tanker in the Persian Gulf Thursday. It is believed Russia has been interfering with Israel’s civil aircraft GPS navigation systems for over three weeks. Tempers are sizzling hot and situations are ready to burst into flames.

And yet, people are saying, “Peace and Safety.”

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