Roy’s Blog: “Waiting”

2 Thessalonians 3:5 (KJV) “The Lord directs your hearts into the love of God, and into the patient waiting for Christ.”

Waiting isn’t easy. We tend to want what we want when we want it. You rush to get to an appointment on time. Then you sit and wait, and wait. You’re in a hurry to get somewhere, and just as you get near the railroad tracks, the arms come down, and the longest train you’ve ever seen crawls by.

You get called back at the doctor’s office pretty quick. Yes! But then you wait and wait for the doctor to come in. Finally you are through. You’ve had your blood drawn and you can go eat. You’re starving. You wait–in line–to order, wondering if you’ll pass out from hunger before your food comes. Ah, food…you’re order is wrong…you take it back. And wait. You’re patience is wearing thin. You get a little testy. But what can you do? You wait.

Sometimes, in waiting on an answer from God about what to do, we get impatient. We have to remember time is a construct for man. It keeps life more orderly. Helps us plan. God doesn’t go by a timetable. The best time, is in His time.

2 Thessalonians says the Lord directs us to the love for Him, and gives us the patience we need to wait for Jesus to come. With all the signs around us, I’m thankful my waiting is almost over.


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