Roy’s Blog: “Food For Thought”

I Corinthians 10:3 “And all ate the same spiritual food.”

We spend so much time eating and thinking about eating it consumes a large part of our day. We’ve found ourselves planning for days on what to have for a special party that will please everyone and make it special. Everyone eats and enjoys the meal, then they leave and go their separate ways.

During the Exodus from Egypt, the nation of Israel all walked through the wilderness under the cloud guided by God’s presence and a column of fire by night. They all walked through the Red Sea on dry ground under God’s supernatural protection. They all ate the same food, but only two entered the promised land God had provided. All but two died while wandering in the wilderness. Why? Because of their failure to trust God and follow His directions.

The Bible says, “Few there be that enter [heaven].” Because of our failure to trust and follow God through to the end.

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