Roy’s Blog: “A Cure For Cancer?”

Ezekiel 38:13 “Have you assembled your company to…capture a great spoil?”

Israeli researchers say they have developed a vaccine and treatment for skin cancer in mice. Scientists at Tel Aviv University say they were able to alert the immune system to the presence of melanoma cells and lead to an efficient immune response against the disease. (Melanoma is the malignant skin cancer that can deepen and spread to other parts of the body.)

Once the melanoma cells were identified by the mice’s bodies, their immune systems sprang into life and was far more effective in destroying the malignant growths.

The researchers say the treatment appears effective as both a preventative measure and as a treatment for an existing disease. This is an amazing feat. Why is it so prophetically important? It is all a part of the “budding of the fig tree” (Israel) Jesus spoke about near the end of the age. Bible prophesy is being played out day by day. Christ’s return is near–right at the door.

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