Roy’s Blog: “When You Need A Miracle”

James 4:2 “The reason you don’t have what you want is because you don’t ask God for it.”

Jesus was approaching Jericho nearing the time of His passion and Bartimaeus, a blind beggar, was sitting by the road. Hearing the crowd, Bartimaeus asked what was going on. They told him that Jesus of Nazareth was passing by. Hearing this, the blind beggar called out, “Jesus Son of David, have mercy on me.” Jesus stopped and commanded the man be brought to Him. When the man came near, Jesus questioned him, “What do you want me to do for you?”

Bartimaeus said, “Lord, I want to regain my sight!” And Jesus healed him.

Many times we need a miracle to restore a relationship, our health, or our finances, but we simply don’t ask. We sit in fear and anxiety, but we don’t ask God for what we want. We don’t believe God can change our situation. We have so little faith. When things look bleak, or impossible, ask for a miracle. We don’t have much, because we don’t ask.

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