Roy’s Blog: “Don’t Stop Singing”

Matthew 6:33 “But seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you…”

The baby is asleep, finally. The other kids are at school. You have a little quiet time. A song runs through your mind. “I’ve got peace like a river…” Then, the doorbell rings. You head that way, trying to get there before it rings a second time, but then the phone rings. You scoop it up on the way. Behind door number three the third alarm bell rings– “Waaah.” The baby is awake. There went your quiet time!

We all have those days and the cumulative affect traumatizes us. Pressures at home. pressures at work, crime and chaos all around the world. These things can rob you of the song in your heart. Fear and frustration can drown out the notes.

When you feel yourself get burdened down. Stop. Seek God first. Let the phone ring. Let the doorbell go unanswered. Pick up the baby. Sit and let the song in your heart flow with praises.

Let the song in your heart always be of praises to God. How do you do that? Listen to the songs that praise God. Seek God’s kingdom and His righteousness first.

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