Roy’s Blog: “The Struggle”

Matthew 24:6a “You will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars.”

“Why can’t we have nuclear weapons too?” The Turkish President, Erdogan, said, “It is unacceptable for nuclear armed states to forbid Ankara from obtaining it’s own nuclear weapons. Some countries have missiles with nuclear warheads. But, they tell us we can’t have them.”

Erdogan’s remarks come in the midst of tensions in the Middle East. Also, Turkey’s President on Thursday threatened to open the gates and allow a flood of Syrian refugees to leave Turkey for western countries unless a so-called “safe zone” is established inside Syria.

The threat of nuclear advancements and the flood of illegal immigration into Europe is feeding the fires of chaos that will eventually lead into the Tribulation. The military cooperation between Russia, Turkey, and Iran is part of prophesy. The economic struggles fired by sanctions and the desire for power will pull these nations into battle against Israel.

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