Roy’s Blog: “I Love To Talk About Heaven”

Revelation 21:2 “And I saw the holy city New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God…”

Heaven. Abraham said he was looking for the city. He lived out his life in a tent. He had never lived in a city like New York City, London, Paris, or Rome. But he said he looked for heaven, the city of God.

I’ve traveled across the open plains out west and seen the lights of a city off in the distance. The land was flat so you could see a long way out. It seemed as if I would never get to where the lights were. Mile after mile I would think, “Am I any closer?” Finally, I arrived from the darkness, that seemed like it consumed everything, to the glorious lights of the city. It got more beautiful the closer (and more tired) I was. I could finally find rest.

The loneliness and darkness of the long miles was turned into a glorious beautiful evening of rest. A good picture of heaven. We will go from the long dark road of our earthly journey, to the bright and glorious rest of heaven.

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