Roy’s Blog: “Pay Attention”

Mark 13:33 Take heed, watch, and pray…” Matthew 24:33 “When you shall see these things, know that it is near, even at the door.”

Every time I go to the post office, I go through three signal lights. I can’t go anywhere without going through signal lights, seeing stop signs, yield signs, and speed limit signs. I know I have to pay attention because if I don’t I could cause a wreck, or miss my turn, or get a ticket.

The other day they were mowing the grass in the center and the sides of the highway. I kept having to dodge pieces of wood, trash, cans, and pieces of old tires. I had to pay close attention not just to that, but I had to watch out for the mowers and other cars.

You would think with all our daily hazards and warning signs we know we have to watch out for, that we would know to pay closer attention to the warning signs of the end of the age. These signs are for our benefit. They warn us to be ready when He comes.

The Lord is coming soon. All the signs point that way. Take heed. Our lives are to also be an ever present warning sign to those around us that they need to get ready.

I remember one of my teacher used to say often to the class, “You need to pay attention.” We need to pay attention to the signs all around us. Read the Bible and pray. Be ready!

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