Roy’s Blog: “Gain Or Loss”

Mark 8:36 “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?”

For some people gaining weight is good. For most, like me, it’s not. I can just think about food and gain weight. I wish it was as easy to gain money in the stock market as it is for me to gain weight.

We all want certain things in our lives. Sometimes it objects like money, a nice comfortable house, a big bad truck or car that has all the bells and whistles. Others may want a different set of things. Power, a prestigious job, children that are perfect angels(??), or maybe a body that others admire.

We all have wants and desires for what the world can offer. But, do we have a desire to please God? If we gained all the worldly things we wanted, but failed to honor God with our lives, what have we gained? An illusion? If we were to gain everything this world had to offer for maybe eighty to ninety years, but our souls landed in hell for eternity we have lost the most important thing possible. Don’t miss heaven for the world!

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