Roy’s Blog: “Frustrating”

I Peter 5:7 “Casting all your care upon Him, for He careth for you.”

There are so many things that are frustrating to us today. Just a little trip to the post office can be a major ordeal. You get caught by every red light. It’s only three but, you have to wait at every one of them. Then, your key gets stuck in the P.O. box. It only takes a few anxious moments, but it adds to your frustration. As you leave the post office a train blocks the crossing and stops. What was supposed to be a quick trip to get the mail has turned into a major ordeal. Your patience has worn thin. You’re cranky. You decide to go through your mail while you’re waiting. Bill…bill. Past due?? No way! You wish you could go back to the post office and put them back in. Deal with them tomorrow.

We’re not the first, or the only ones to have frustrations. Job was frustrated. He knew he was innocent, but all his friends claimed he must have done something to make God take everything away from him. Even his wife said to curse God so he could die. There are people across the world who are frustrated with a government who disregards the needs of its people. The government amasses wealth, but the people are starving.

If we look around us, we may discover our frustrations just might be from lack of patience on our part. We wait in comfort while the train sits on the track. We have bills, but that usually means we have homes and cars, food on the table, televisions, computers. Yes, life can be frustrating.

It can be frustrating for the child of God who sees the state of the world and wonders, “How long Lord? The world is sinking in sin. How long before you come?”

We wait and wait. But Praise the Lord! for the joy that awaits us who are longing for His return.

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