Roy’s Blog: “Life Is A Mystery”

Isaiah 38:14b “My eyes grew tired of looking to heaven for help. I am in trouble, Lord. Help me.”

Have you ever noticed the harder you try to overcome the uncontrolled things in your life, the more overwhelmed you feel?  Every time I plan an outdoor event I spend so much time working on alternatives in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. I can’t control the weather, so I stress about how to work around it.

God glories in revealing things about this life, but He also glories in concealing some things. God intentionally doesn’t tell us everything about life’s mysteries. Why? To keep us humble. To force us to rely on Him. So there are some things you are never going to figure out this side of Heaven. Some things you won’t ever control.

Whatever is bugging you in your life right now, you need to remember although it is out of your control, it is not out of God’s control.

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