Roy’s Blog: “Your Perspective”

Luke 1:37 “Nothing is impossible with God.”

The greatest human factor that influences your life is the way you see things. It’s the way you see yourself, your family, your problems, your past, and your future. Your perspective makes a difference.

Your perspective is what makes the difference in your life of whether you are happy or unhappy. You will either look at the things in life with the eyes of faith, or with the eyes of fear.

Moses led the children of Israel out of Egypt through the Red Sea. They were in the desert for two years and were now on the edge of the promised land. They selected twelve spies to go in and see the land. They wanted to see if it was a good land and check out the people there, see if they could defeat them.

The twelve came back with two different reports (perspectives). Ten of the spies had a negative report: Yes the land was plentiful, but it had big scary men there. Only two men Joshua and Caleb looked at the land with eyes of faith. They saw the same thing, but their faith in the power of God said, “We can defeat them.” Because of their faith they were the only two men who were allowed to go into the promised land.

Is your faith a “can do” faith? Your problems don’t defeat you, but your perspective does. God is bigger than our problems.

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