Roy’s Blog: “Incredible Times”

What incredible times we live in. It is a privilege and a challenge to be born in such a time as this. We’ve seen marvelous wealth and prosperity. Growth of the body of Christ. Churches in every corner of this nation. We are also the generation to see the falling away from faith. The turning away from a true love of God.

I am watching signs “converge”. They are stunning and breathtaking. How could we ever imagine a day like ours when knowledge is increasing at the rate it is today. (See Daniel 12:4). How could we imagine in the day we live that the majority of the nations would declare their goal to usher in a one world religion and a one world government by 2030. (See Revelation 13).

The nations of the world appear to be moved by a hidden hand exactly into the right positions according to Bible prophesy. We are heading into the home stretch to the “blessed hope” of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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