Roy’s Blog: “Sweet Memories”

Proverbs 10:7a “The memory of the just is blessed…”

Memories affect our lives in many ways. Preachers will use memories from their past in sermons. Many authors will draw on memories from their past to form their stories. Older people will think about memories of their growing up years or years spent with a loved one for comfort and to pass on to children and grandchildren. Sweet memories.

I remember years ago working at a large nursery supply. It seems like just a few years ago. I would load soil from a creek bottom into an old Chevy truck, making trips back and forth to the nursery, mixing the soil. I can still remember how it smelled.

The fun part was driving the truck down the crooked road to the creek, skidding and sliding back up the road when it was slick from a rain. That was a fun memory. One thing I hated though was pushing a mower through and around all the pots and other nursery supplies in the East Texas summer heat. That old lawn mower was the hardest thing I ever tried to push. Little things, but they are sweet memories.

They may seem small to us now, but those little memories in our history are what form us. Remembering events from our past help us to make decisions, make us who we are. Even bad memories help to form us if we grow and learn from them. God gave us the ability to remember for those reasons.

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