Roy’s Blog: Don’t Miss His Coming”

Matthew 16:3b “DO you know to discern the appearance of the sky, but cannot discern the signs of the times?”

It’s amazing to me, how Jewish religious leaders 2000 years ago managed to completely miss Jesus’ first coming. These were men who spent their entire lives, from early youth,  learning and memorizing scripture. They were by definition the “experts”.

How did they miss the significance of Jesus’ ministry, this remarkable preacher and miracle worker from Nazareth?

How? They weren’t expecting the one they got. Two thousand years ago they were looking for someone (an earthly King) to come and free them from the yoke of Roman servitude.

It appears to me, in this generation, we are repeating the same pattern of mistakes as the leaders of Jesus’ day. Most people are not really looking for the Savior of the world to return.

If people really thought Jesus Christ was coming to gather His people, believers, to heaven to be with Him forever, give us eternal life-in glorified bodies, take away all aches, pains, hurts, heartaches, wouldn’t they turn to Jesus. Sadly, they don’t believe. Even though the signs are laid out in one book, the Bible, for anyone to read and study, they can’t discern the signs of the end times approaching.

People have said, “It says no one knows when Jesus will return.” True. But we are given these signs so we won’t be caught unaware. 1 Thessalonians 5:4

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