Roy’s Blog: “Awesome God”

Psalm 8:9 “O Lord, our Lord, how excellent is Your name in all the earth!”

What a great and awesome God we serve!

We are living in an amazing generation, one that gets to live “in the days of Ezekiel”. The Old Testament prophet has given us today’s news? Our newspapers today are less accurate than Ezekiel 36-39.

Read chapter 36, when he spoke of restoration of the land of Israel, “I speak to you, o mountains of Israel. Shoot forth your branches and yield your fruit for my people, Israel, for they are about to come home. Ezekiel 36:8

At that time Israel was a dead, barren wasteland. Later in the 1800’s Mark Twain spoke of it, “Nothing, nothing could grow there and no one lived there.”

Now, in our generation we get to see the faithfulness of God in action. The rebirth of Israel into a thriving land and economy is amazing. Our God is awesome!

No, we don’t know the exact day or hour when He will come again, but we do know the season. And according to the Bible, the generation who sees the budding of the fig tree (Israel), will not pass away before He comes. That’s us. Be ready for the time is near.

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