Roy’s Blog: “Fate Of The Unprepared”

Matthew 24:33 “When you see all these things, recognize that He is near, right at the door!”

Jesus’ second coming will be at a time when it is least expected. But, the general time will be recognized by those who watch for the signs of the “birth pains”, because that is the reason God gave those signs. So we would know His coming is near and be prepared.

The parable of the ten virgins is given to accentuate the importance of being spiritually prepared to meet Christ when He returns. Matthew 25:1-13

After He comes, unbelievers will have no further chance for salvation!

The world was not ready to accept Christ when He came the first time, even though it was prophesied. Nor will the world be ready for Christ’s second coming, even though it is the theme and hope of all the New Testament.

When the foolish virgins returned from their unsuccessful search for oil for their lamps, they came to the door saying, “Lord, Lord, open up for us,” the Bridegroom answered from within the house, “I do not know you.”

It is wonderful to be able to say He knows me. Can you say the same? If not seek Him while He may yet be found. The day will come when it will be everlastingly too late.


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